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Beautifull Hand Crafted memorial items produced with love and respect for lost loved ones



Memorial 3D Baby Casts, 2D Stone Imprints, Pure Silver Keepsakes, Sterling Silver and Engraved Keepsakes, as a lasting memory of those you hold dear.


Sometimes we need something more than a simple photograph when it comes to keeping the memories of a loved one special and undiminished - particularly when we have not had a great deal of time to cherish them in person, such as in the tragic loss of a newborn baby or child.


We have been honoured to have been asked by families to provide them with a fitting memorial of their lost loved ones. We provide an expert, understanding and completely respectful service designed at all times to be utterly mindful of your wishes, privacy and concerns at such a devastating period for all concerned.



The process is totally clean and carried out with respect for the deceased. The casting or imprint is done just as normal - including the fact that we even talk to your loved one  carefully explaining what we are going to do and why.



In line with your own wishes parents are welcome to attend or not and we are happy to provide the service in hospital or funeral home, as you need.


As with all our services your 3D cast or impression can be mounted or framed as required with the greatest care taken to preserve such a significant and deeply sensitive moment for you.


In such instances we will go above and beyond to ensure that all aspects are carried out with the utmost consideration.

Being highly mindful of the delicate nature of such commissions we offer all baby & child memorial services at a discount to make this affordable to all.

Call Mobile 07464615965 or email  enquiries@3dcastingsnorfolk.co.uk for more information on memorials. We promise a respectful service.


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