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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is 3D Casting ?

3D casting is a when you submerge your babies hands/feet into a special paste mixture which captures every crease and wrinkle, once set and of course that moment in time….


What is the special mixture made of and is it safe for my new-born baby ?

The special mixture is used widely by the Dental Industry to take dental impressions and is made up of a 100% seaweed compound (impression powder) which is totally biodegradable and safe for new-born baby’s delicate skin.


How do you get a Casting?

We mix up the impression powder with warm water to create a paste and then gently place babies hand or foot into the paste. Once set which takes less than a minute, the babies hand/foot is gently released, leaving little or no residue.


Does my baby have to keep still?

No, baby can wriggle about. Although, feeding your baby will make him/her more relaxed if a little restless. Once paste mixture sets, forms into soft rubbery mould. Baby cannot move and at this point and it is quite comforting for them, and this is when we capture  whatever baby is doing at that time.


How do you get the baby out of the mould?

We create a tiny air pocket by inserting a finger into the back of the mould and gently ease babies hand/foot out.


How long does the process take?

We work on 15 minutes per casting which includes cleaning up time and discussing your requirements. Therefore, a hand and foot can be cast within half an hour.


How do I pay?

Payment is on the day and we accept Cash, Bank Transfer and PayPal and Cards.  Payment Plans are available providing 50% deposit is paid on the day, Keepsakes are collected/delivered upon completion of final payment.


How long will I have to wait for my casts?

The process takes between 4 - 5 weeks depending on workload. Casts

can be completed earlier for a small quick turnaround fee of £10


Do you offer Discounts for more than one casting?

Yes if you wish to have a family cast, or more of the same casts,

discounts apply and are discussed personally with you at the time of

making your appointment.


Is this just a Home Visit Service?

No, we can offer you an appointment within our Studio based in Banham, Norfolk. A booking must be made in advance to ensure there is plenty of one to one time with you and your baby.


What happens next?

Once the mould has been created and all details noted. The mould is taken back to the studio and is filled with fine stone casting plaster, This is set to dry for a few hours then de moulded and left to dry thoroughly before being carefully neatened and painted in your colour way. Once finished, the cast is framed to your specifications and you will be contacted by email/text/mobile to arrange collection or delivery.


Do you only offer a Baby Casting Service?

No, our Service has no age limit. We cast babies from the day they are born right up to an elderly age. We offer the exact same service.




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