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3D Baby to Adult Casting and Pet casting


The process is perfectly safe for new-born babies to adults and even pets. Utilising a completely non-toxic, natural impression powder made from seaweed called Alginate. A mixture is made up with warm water and hands, feet or paws are popped into the mixture. Casting only takes a few minutes and creates a stunning mould. I then create the stone cast, enabling me to capture those tiny creases and wrinkles. Each stone cast is unique and is hand finished painted, waxed and sealed. These can then be free standing, mounted on a plinth or framed.












Pregnancy Belly Bump Casts

Low definition

This will capture your beautiful pregnancy shape. The cast is created by layering plaster bandage on the belly and is not at all uncomfortable and is totally safe for Mum and baby.


This cast can be smoothed and painted which involves building up extra layers of plaster which I then sand and finish to your colour specification.


High definition

High definition bump casts give you a true representation of your body, capturing all the tiny details of your skin.  These are made of solid plaster, and are heavy in weight. They are then finished to your specification.













3D Entwined hands and wreaths

A beautiful, detailed cast of babies and parents, toddlers and children, couples, families and friends .Why not capture a moment in time when your baby clasps your hand tight, or your children hold hands, a family group or a newly engaged or married couple.













3D Castings : The perfect way to capture your most wonderful moments in time


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Silver Keepsake Prints

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